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This will be one of the most exclusive Fiat 500's to have, a true collectors car. Only 10 made! Rare much....

Romeo Ferraris has launched the new Fiat 500 Monza racing version. The special edition will be made in a production run of just ten, for customers who want pocket-size luxury race cars. The 500 Monza celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Romeo Ferraris tuning company.

The car has a new aerodynamic kit and luxury interiors celebrating the colour and atmosphere of the Monza racing circuit. The 500 Monza is made in white with the red and blue stripes of the track. Carbon fibre also features on the rear.

Alcantara and superior leather are include in the cabin, which takes on the same colours as the exterior. You even get your name engraved on it, if you happen to be a lucky owner of the 500 Monza. The base model is a 500 Abarth, meaning you get some serious performance out of this. The Romeo Ferraris 500 Monza has 260 hp and all you need is the Monza circuit to really try it out.

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