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Anyone who races a Honda Civic, Volkswagen GTI or other high performance front drive car is familiar with lifting the inside wheel when cornering hard. But these Fiat 500 racers take front-wheel drive handling dynamics to a new level.

The video in question, taken at the Oulton Park circuit, shows how dangerous oversteer can be. While the oversteer wasn't exactly the desired effect, something like that can be recovered. From looking at the video, it appears the driver wasn't able to exit the corner properly (watch his front wheels at about 8 seconds in and you'll see the front wheels go straight for just a second), and headed straight for the curbing, launching him up on two wheels.

Admittedly, the video is a cool example of motorsport heroics, but stunts like this do not win races. See for yourself at the link below.

More: Fiat 500 Abarth Race Car Gets Up on Two Wheels [Video] on
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