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So i currently own a Fiat 500 Abarth with the MAGNETI MARELLI Exhaust System with the muffler in the middle.

I really wanna put a class one hitch on it to pull a mini trailer with a rooftop tent instead of putting the rooftop tent on top of my car on my racks?

my question is has anybody ever put a hitch on there Abarth with this muffler I’m not sure if I’m gonna have the clearance for the hitch to fit with the muffler box but I can’t really make sure unless I am to buy the hitch because there’s nowhere for me to go for them to see if it’ll fit. And with out cars being discontinued there’s a lot of our hitches on red tag sales with discounts because they’re also discontinued making the hitches to and if I buy one I can’t send it back and refund because it’s a discontinued part that they don’t take refunds for.

And I don’t wanna buy the hitch and then it won’t even fit in my car because of the mufflers in the way.

The hangers on the muffler are the same as the factory hangers.

Here’s pictures down below?

Can anyone help me with this or has anybody put a hitch on their Abarth with this exhaust?
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