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Hi. After some ideas/ any advice please.
I have a fiat 500 lounge, 08 plate. Purchased 1.5 years ago and noticed a bit of mould/ damp in boot but never thought much of it until recently. I have taken the full mats out of the boots.
I have a leak coming from the back rear quarter (pictured). Its substantial especially with the rain at the minute. Its coming from the quater and dripping into the boot/ starts to pool up. I can see in the quater so struggling to identify exactly where it is coming from but when it rains I can feel it building up in there and can see it coming into the boot. I've also noticed my rear passager foot well is getting wet/ damp. I'm wondering if this is due to water travelling from the boot e.g. when I have been driving? Though seems like a long shot. The water is rain water and is not washer fluid. Its not soaked as such, but decently damp.
Apart from a possible hole under the rear bumper any other ideas please? Any ideas for the rear passanger foot well please?
Any help is greatly appreciated.


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