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After re-launching in North America last year, Fiat has just introduced its second model to our shores, the 500 Cabrio. A 'convertible' version of the 500 hatchback, the Cabrio is a different sort of drop-top as it retains the factory roof structure, but with a retractable material top instead of sheetmetal. Because of that structure, the 500 Cabrio is unique in that it offers the exact same interior room as the original hatchback. Yet another advantage is that the material roof can be operated at speed of up to 60 mph.

Priced at $19,500 it retails for a $4,000 premium over the standard model, Fiat brand boss Laura Suave, introducing the car today at the New York Auto Show, says it's the smallest price differential between a standard model and its cabriolet version on the market. Two versions will be offered, an entry-level Pop and a top-trim Lounge.

As with the 500 hatchback there will be plenty of customization options from everything to interior and exterior colors, as well as accessories, while the Cabrio also gets the choice of three material top colors: red, tan and black.

More: Fiat 500 Cabrio Priced from $19,500 [New York 2011] on
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