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Would you like to see the Fiat 500 Zagato make it to production?

  • Yes, I want a Zagato!

    Votes: 3 75.0%
  • No Thanks, I will pass.

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The Zagato looks HOT! I would take it over the regular Fiat 500 currently available. The Fiat 500 Zagato even has the power to make it go as fast as it looks with a turbocharged twinair engine that has more power then the current model. It's not a lot more, but in the end it's MORE and more is better.

Not sure about everyone else but I really want to see this put into production, If it does i will have to grab one.

Fiat 500 Zagato pictures are car & driver...


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No rear what.......that car is **** near perfect. I would turn in my Prima for one in a heartbeat.
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