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I bought a "wreck". A Lounge. WITH 32 MILES ON IT! Only needs a headlight and left front fender. It got whacked during a test drive. I bought it out of an insurance yard while looking for a wrecked Sport to buy for a race car. I was curious what happened so I called the dealership. I happened to get the guy that was in the car during the fated test drive. He told me a hilarious story. They were pulling out of the dealership (or should I say Studioship) and at the end of the driveway which is partially
blind the would-be customer poked the nose out and got hit by a 6'5" 300lb guy in a lowered Chevy Tahoe going way over the speed limit.
He said the Fiat got hit and acted like a tree stump. It sat there un-moved. Meanwhile the Tahoe came to such a sudden stop that it hopped up in the air firing the airbags. (Fiat airbags didn't fire and didn't need to fire.) The Tahoe driver gets out in shock with a big airbag burn on his rather ample stomach. The salesman got out and is impressed at the damage on the Tahoe and lack thereof on the Fiat 500.

We've been looking at wrecks trying to find a donor car to build a club race car. We've now bought 2 wrecks and will put them both back on the road as bargain cars as they were only mildly damaged. The hunt goes on.
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