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Italian coachbuilder Castagna Milano has their eyes set on the American market, and to lead their entrance is a stretched Fiat 500 limo in three different variants: LimoSun, LimoCity and LimoCity Presidential.

To be frank, we're a little skeptical that the American market would even have a demand for a Fiat 500 limousine, considering that Fiat 500 sales as a whole are lacking, but hey, at least the option is there. In the conversion, the length of the vehicle goes from 11.5-feet to 17.45-feet while the wheelbase jumps from 7.55-feet to 13.45-feet. Height also goes from 4.89-feet to 5.18-feet in the CityLimo.

The LimoSun is based on the Fiat 500 convertible and features four seats facing one another in the passenger area. The large openings on the side and the roof can be closed with transparent panels.

The LimoCity on the other hand is a closed version packed with a circular sofa couch, mini-bar and electric sliding doors. Lastly, the LimoCity Presidential begins with a US-spec Fiat 500 and features a pair of electric motors that are capable of reaching 100-mph and a range of 155-miles.

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