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The Yokohamas won! :D

So we just had a roughly 24 hour snowstorm that left us with 19" of very wet snow (perfect snowball snow) in our neighborhood. We had one truck and blade come through the neighborhood about midway through the storm - to give you an idea of the road conditions.

Took lil Blue Bella out for neighborhood shenanigans this morning and wow - fantastic! The Ice Guards have incredible grip. And Bella did so well. I was afraid of the lack of clearance but she is so light and the tires are so grippy that she pretty much stayed on top of everything, skimming right over the humpbacks that would have high centered my much heavier, longer wheel base, lower PT Cruiser.

The Yokohamas have now been through all conditions - dry, wet, ice and deep snow. For the wet, ice and snow, I have to say they are the best non-studded tires I have driven on. The only downside to the tires for me this winter has been dry, grooved concrete, with the tires being so grippy and the tread pattern, they get a little squirrely with dry grooves. Splash water, ice or snow over those grooves though and it's a whole other delightful story.

I am supremely happy with my lil 500 in the winter. I have to admit I was a bit nervous about such a lightweight car handling our snowstorms here but my worries are over. Slap some good snowies on, be bold and these lil cars will get you where you need to go!
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