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Hi, over the weekend my car broke down, The AA came out first of all and said it was a key issue and to try the spare key which is not a remote key it’s just a fob. Travelled, home as the car was not near my house, got the spare key and travelled back. The spare key still did not work.

When I turn the key, the car does not crank, a warning light which i hadn’t seen before which had a car and a padlock around it came on and the dash read “fuel cut off , unavailable”. The fuse box under the bonnet also sounds like it is clicking.

i’ll attach picture


The green flag then came out after the keys didn’t work and the guy just played about with the indicator, i’m assuming to try and reset the fuel pump it didn’t work and then said it needed to be recovered.

So i got it towed back to my house and since I have had a few people out to look at it and noticed a dodgy loom at the tailgate.


Does anyone know what the problem could be, we’ve tried resetting the battery and all the ticks with the indicator to reset but nothing is working. My central locking has also stopped working so i now have to open the boot through the car.

Have a mechanic coming out tomorrow to look but it is frustrating to not know the issue.
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