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I had some trouble finding the right info for the PRO upgrade on my wallbox. Thought i may share it for actual/future owners.

With the new 500e i received the standard 2.3kw "granny"cable that you can plug almost anywhere but they also gave me a nice 500e wallbox free of charge.
I don't know if this will be included in all the countries but be sure to ask you dealer if it's available.

Now, this wallbox comes as standard with a normal wall plug that will charge with 2.3kw (so as the standard granny cable included) BUT it can be upgraded to charge from 2.3kw to a maximum of 7.4kw on 220v. You can set it from the "easywallbox" app available in Itunes.

The upgrade is not hard to do, it consists of removing the "plug cables" from inside the unit and connectig a direct current cable, but i would recomend asking an electrician to do it. I paid 50euro in labour for the upgrade + materials (but i've been quoted even 200euro+ materials by some :) )

I will attach pictures and a video link that i found.



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