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I'd like to introduce ourselves, you probably haven't heard of us and that is OK! We've been a niche market tuner for quite some time specializing in euro gas and diesel tuns for well over a decade. We have a broad range of dealers right across North America, in Canada and the US. We also have a hand held flash loader called the Flashzilla that can do the 2012-2013's from the convenience of your driveway, gas station, parking lot, race track, etc. You can load up to 5 tunes and switch between them as you want.

We have done quite a few 500 tunes but they were for remote customers where we were not able to really capture or log the vehicle as we wanted to. The response from our customers was great, and so we thought when possible we will capture it in house here and make up an official stage 1 software for these engines.

We had a local forum poster help us out, he occasionally tracks his car, and was going out of town so we could have his car for an extended period of testing. His response from the tune has been fantastic and we're hoping we can get more people on to a real tune. As you can see we compared it to a very well known tuning box product. The numbers speak for themselves.

Abarth Dyno STG1 for websmall.png

Here we can see an abundance of torque compared to stock, and a healthy mid-range power bump that really has to be felt.

The Sport button can be programmed to any function on or off. ( with regard to the ECU only ) So off can be stock, and ON can be sport. OFF and ON can be tuned. OFF can be a mild tune, ON can be a race tune.

We remove the need for you to get any sort of pedal booster as we increase the pedal sensitivity and speed, making the engine feel more responsive.

Reports have suggested a small INCREASE in fuel mileage. More power less gas, win win!

Here is a video we made of the Abarth nick named the Feisty Fiat while road testing and data collecting.

I'm sure there are going to be questions about us and our facility, lets please keep this thread for questions about the stage 1 tune.
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