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Hey all,

I own a 2015 1.6 diesel fiat 500x manual and I've noticed a issue with acceleration ever since I bought it second hand.

So when I'm in 1st and 2nd gear, everything is fine when I floor the acceleration pedal. The car goes fine, not much power until boost kicks in, but after that it get's some power. The issue appears when I'm in 3th or higher gear. When I press the accelerator pedal, the revs go up and max out at like 3.5k, but there is no not much power. This is more obvious in sports mode where it will go to high revs really quickly and stay there until the speed matches up with the revs or I let go of the pedal.

Not sure if this is some kind of transmission issue where the power is slipping in higher gears or maybe the computer is limiting the power delivery or something but it's really annoying.

Anyone know anything about it?
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