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Chrysler has just announced that it has begun accepting applications for those wanting to establish a Fiat dealership as it prepares to launch the Fiat 500 model by the end of the year. While more specific application guidelines will be sent to prospective dealers, Chrysler has provided some insight into what it is looking for.

For starters, Fiat dealerships are to be stand-alone entities with their own facility, service department and staff. They will also have to be able to prove that they have the financial resources to, "support the introduction of the Fiat brand."

Chrysler has said that they expect to set up 125 dealers in 41 states, giving preference to the highest performing existing Chrysler brand dealers in each market.

With the Fiat 500 set to go on sale by the end of the year, the 500C (cabriolet) will then be released in 2011, with rumors of a 4-door model and high-performance Abarth models to follow. Chrysler did not comment if Fiat dealers will also double as Alfa Romeo dealers in the future.

Chrysler will officially announce its Fiat dealer sections in September.

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