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Headlights & Fogs SUCK! (until you adjust them upwards)

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6mm* Allen key here screws the FRONT of the light down or up: Turn LEFT for up, right for down. I have to think of them like sprinkler faucets: Turn left to make them go higher.

* Unlike most 6mm nuts/bolts, a 1/4" tool won't fit. My sharpest newest 7/16 barely works though, or a slightly-under-quarter-inch screwdriver blade, since it's low-torque:
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The stock headlights are trash. Mine are at max flex and I can barely see 20 feet in front without high beams. At that, high beams don't give me enough sight to feel safe over 40mph at night.
You know that the adjustment screw is "backwards", right? (COUNTERclockwise to raise them - see this thread's first post).

Also what bulbs do you have? If they're LED they may simply be incompatible, or installed not quite exactly right. Some bulbs say they'll work but don't, & some have poorly-written installation instructions.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts