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Hello fellow Fiat Members.

It is great to own this car, I have been wating years for fiat to come around and I am a very Proud Owner.

It is a 2012 Rosso Sport Fiat 500, Manual

The daily commute is alot better, its fun easy to clean and cheap on gas what more than you want. Becouse of my pride (dual citizen Italy, US) and my love for ferrari (its like i now own a baby ferrari) The car will recieve the italian Ferrari treatment. Italian stripe down the middle (aluminum ferrari Badges on the front fenders, and on the rear panels Fiat Italian Flag badges. Also on the top of the rear windshield I am looking to go to a sign shop and have (Tony Has Retired) put on.

Pics, Attached For the Fiat

First off let me say that this car is my Daily Driver, I have a 2nd car that is also my Pride and Joy, It is a 2008 Porsche Cayman Manual as well.
The Porsche has alot of Mods, and Love to bring it to the track as much as I can. My next DE event is this weekend at Pocono Raceway :)

Now on the the North East Members Meet. I would love to organize a meet and maybe a drive to the city I know a great Gelato Place.

I have organized a bunch of Exotics meets and go weekly, and have organized a Cayan meet at a resturant. I know are numbers are small ad growing but lets start now and get things in order.

I would like to meet by Short Hills Mall in Short Hills, I feel that is a good meeting Point Great area and Great Lighting.

I would like to start a list for those that are interested, If you would rather have a different area let me know.

North East Fiat 500 Meet Attendee List:

1. Aiello 11.

Thank you,


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Only two members, Cmon where is everyone in the area?
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