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Hello everyone.

I am usually very attentive to details, while working on cars. Past weekend, however, something very bad happened: I ended up with an "extra" part :oops:
It's a rubber "U" shaped molding, about 2 inches in length:
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Does anyone know what this is? I was working on tracing some wiring, and removed the BCU plastic cover, plastic panels around the steering column, side panel running on top of the driver's rocker, A-pillar, and part of the headliner. I was also jamming my tool bag under the driver's seat. After I re-installed everything back the way it used to be, this molding was discovered on the driver's floor. Looks like, maybe, a protector for wires, going over a sharp edge, or something like that? The molding was dirty with grease, so could've been in contact with some mechanism (under the seat)? Or maybe a plastic trim panel, which was wiped with silicon...
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