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How to post pics/videos on the forum:

You have to upload the pics to an online host of your choice and then link to it here using img tags. There are many options such as Image shack, Photobucket, you get the idea. (I use but they have changed to Photobucket I believe)

When making a new thread or making a post to reply to a thread, send a PM, this is how you can more easily post a pic to the forum.

There is a button (Insert Image outlined in red) above the area you type that you can click and paste the url of your image (second tab on the box that pops up when you click the button) into as well, that's the easier way and what I use. I always un-check the box to "Retrieve remote file and reference locally". Then click Ok and your image will appear in your subject area and posted along with whatever text you have typed as well.

This is Image button mentioned above:

This is the box that pops up and the red outlines indicate the items you need to click to post your image:

OK, that about does it, hope that is useful to anyone that isn't used to posting images to the forum!
Alternative method I do not suggest or use:

Example using IMG tags: (I think the longer/harder method)

[ img ] your picture url here with file extension [ /img ]

Remove the spaces and obviously insert the url for example here is a url of mine...

Doing that in this way produces the image placement in the area the cursor is at that moment.

With spaces removed you see the image:

That placed as described above will make the pic show up here on the forum.


The same method works for videos but using the video button which is to the right of the image button, that will embed the video into the typing area, for youtube it is best to click the Share button under the video on YouTube and past that into the forum input box for best results.

This is being placed here to offer help and a likelihood that it is seen by those in need. It will be posted in the website help section, the Introductions section, and General Discussion areas to try to make sure those that are new will see it, these areas I feel will be seen by our newer members so having it posted and stuck in these locations should help, at least that is my hope. (Been asked about it off an on rather often so I figured this would be a nice easy point of reference for anyone that needs to know.

Okay, I made a REALLY quick video on how this looks when done as described. I obviously already have a free account with the online pic/video host and I use right-click to Copy and right-click to Paste then click to add the picture and Uncheck the box then click OK as described in the tutorial. Hopefully that helps.
Click Here --->View My Video

If you find you have issues with uploading images you may have reached a limit or quota which means some of the pics you've uploaded in the past need to be removed. This isn't good for others looking at your old posts so the suggested method above is the best choice. If however you need to remove some files and remove the uploading quota issue you can manage your attachments here:
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