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I'm in the market for a car and the Fiat 500 is one I'm highly interested in. Specifically, I'm leaning towards a manual 500 Abarth. Given that they are no longer sold new in the US, I'm looking in the used market. I've been doing my research on the 500 and other cars I'm considering and found this forum and wanted to ask a few questions regarding 500 Abarths.

1) How reliable are they?

Naturally, I've done some research on this subject already but there's still some things I'd like to ask. Specifically, I'm wondering what are some of the more common problems? How much do these issues cost to fix on average? And are there any specific things to look for at certain mileages? Any issues pertaining to specific model years? I'd mainly like to know if there's any major problems that'll essentially be break downs that'll put it in the shop, though any information is helpful! Be it about Abarths or 500s in general. I know that, since I'm buying used, it can depend on how well the previous owner(s) treated their car too.

2) What are my options for maintenance?

What I mean by this is, can they still be sent to Fiat dealers? I imagine the answer is yes, but I just want to make sure. If there are no Fiat dealers near me, would a local Chrysler dealer be able to help? One issue I found in my research was that apparently not every mechanic knows how to service Fiats since they're not extremely common here in the US. Obviously, before I go to buy, I will check to make sure there is something nearby, but I'm just wondering if this issue is common, or was just anecdotal from someone on the internet. And also, how much do parts cost and are they common enough to where there wouldn't be any unusually long wait time to get it fixed?

3) What about maintaining them yourself?

Specifically, I want to know if they're easy to maintain for the average person and could the average person learn to do some basic maintenance without too much trouble? I ask this mainly because some modern cars can be overly complex to the point where you'd have to be a specialist or need special equipment. I don't really have any familiarity with 500s in this regard so I don't know if it's the case with them at all.

4) What is a reasonable price range?

I've found a few manual 500 Abarths from 2012-2015 model years between 50k-75k miles and without mentioning any of the prices I found, what should I expect to be paying for them given this information? Making the assumption that they are good condition with only typical wear and tear. Just want to make sure they aren't being overpriced here or anything.

5) Any specific Fiat 500 quirks?

Here, I'm not talking about reliability or anything, but more so just about how to use the car that maybe isn't common on most cars. Not sure if I explained that well, but as an example, is there something on 500s like does the trunk have an unusual handle to open it? Or are the buttons to just adjust the radio volume in an unusual spot? Things like that.

6) Any other good information sources?

I've spent plenty of time looking around, including on this forum, and found plenty of good information, but if there are any other good sources out there, I'd love to know about them!

Sorry if this is very long-winded or anything, I tend to get nervous regarding important big purchases like on a car, especially since Fiat 500s are still a bit of an unknown to me. Thank you if you even took the time to read any of this! And let me know if this thread needs to be moved or anything Perhaps in the future, I'll even become a regular user :giggle:
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