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Engine Control Module By MADNESS Autoworks

The MAXPower Pro features completely new, next-generation hardware with exclusive, all-new proprietary mapping that is designed to delivery significant power gains and outperform the competition.

MAXPower Pro modules feature the latest generation 64-bit processor along with proprietary software to deliver performance gains where it counts.
Instead of focusing on top end gains that users rarely reach, we focus on power gains in the mid range where you would actually feel them.

Our latest generation hardware and proprietary software allows us to provide you with significant boost in power that you WILL feel.

To view the full details or to get the MADNESS MAXPower PRO for your FIAT 500x please visit the link below:
FIAT 500X Engine Control Module - MAXPower PRO by MADNESS - 1.3L Multi Air Turbo - 500 MADNESS - Auto Parts and Accessories
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