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A Fiat dealership got an artist to do some of his art work on a Fiat 500 and turned out looking really cool, can't imagine all the time and patience that goes into doing art like this, the pic's below shows it all

The opening of a new car dealership might not be a major event in most places, but in small towns and countries it can be cause for celebration. In the case of the new Fiat and Alfa Romeo dealership in Maputo, Monzambique, the occasion included the unveiling of a hand-painted art car by Malagantana Valente Ngwenya.

Malangatana, as he's known internationally, made a huge mark on Mozambican culture, and has been acknowledged both at home and abroad for his contributions. His works touch on themes as varied as colonization and civil war, romance and the rigors of daily life, and have been displayed worldwide.

Last year, he met with the Ferreira Dos Santos family, which runs a large industrial conglomerate in Mozambique, and agreed to create an art car for an Italian car dealership they were opening in Maputo. Over the course of days, he labored over the Fiat 500 that served as his canvas, and "The Italian Woman" you see here is the final result.

Sadly, Malangatana died shortly after completing the art car and never saw its formal unveiling. It will now be auctioned online at, with the proceeds benefiting the Malangatana Foundation to help his needy countrymen.
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