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MASTER LIST of 500e How-To Links: Fix, Drive, Charge, Setup, Buy. 6/2/23 Update: Used OBC works! (item 4)

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  1. Pre-Purchase Checklist. 5/24/23 Update (click here).
  2. Avoid Breakdown: Post-Purchase Prep. 5/27/23 Update (click here).
  3. Fix it Yourself if dies or shows a warning (click here).
  4. If that doesn't work: List of Repair Options (click here).
  5. How not to REALLY kill it (click here).
  6. Regain Lost Range for Free (click here). It also shows why you don't even need to bother doing that. When the gauge shows 0%, there can be as much as 20% left, making range seem lower than it really is.
  7. The "Miles Range" Gauge can read so high OR low that it's not even worth looking at, except for a laugh. That's because it assumes the virtually-impossible situation of driving conditions the EXACT same as the last 10 miles, all the way until it's dead.

A 2013 500e has been my ONLY vehicle since 2015, so I've been monitoring this forum very closely because I can't afford to replace the car or even pay to fix it.

SUPER-helpful forum members have submitted many useful reports, even if they were pretty embarrassing, allowing me to compile all this data.
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Range is about 250% of the US average daily drive*
, which fully recharges in 4 hours, or fully recharges from DEAD, overnight, with the stock cord in any 240V outlet, like you'd need anyway for a faster charger. Click here for adapters as cheap as $8. You can also use an auto-switching splitter in a dryer outlet.

* For longer trips you can either just drive to the airport, or borrow or rent a longer-range &/or faster-charging car, with some of your fuel savings. I stole that idea from Fiat, who originally offered free rentals with 500e purchase.

B: MOST PEOPLE ONLY NEED A STANDARD WALL OUTLET, since it fully recharges a US-average daily drive overnight or at work. It adds 40 miles in just 8 hours of sleep OR work. 50 miles or more if you have dinner & breakfast at home.

C: A proper extension cord works. Click here for how to choose the right extension.

D: Range at steady 55mph is better than stop-&-go city traffic averaging 25mph.
There's NO brake regeneration below 7mph.

E: ONE-way hills kill range, but if you can make it to the top, TWO-WAY hills (up AND down) make very little difference as long as you don't have to brake below 7mph coming down.

F: Cold kills range even with heat off, but it really helps to pre-heat it while plugged in. Seat heaters use about one 10th as much power as cabin heat.

G: You can get cool ambient air inside without power-robbing A/C: Just tap any lit button in the left HVAC cluster (Auto, A/C, Recirculate, Off) until they're all off, including the Off light. Then set the temp to "LO" & you can crank the fan with far less power than A/C uses.
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Just curious again, I have seen many of your posts referring to the "US average daily drive". Just how far is it? and where are you finding this information?
Just curious again, I have seen many of your posts referring to the "US average daily drive". Just how far is it? and where are you finding this information?
The US Bureau of Transportation Statistics' American Travel Survey:

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There are many sources you can google, & I hadn't seen the one above, but it has a relevant data point at the link below, showing 93.2% of trips are 50 miles or less, if you hover the cursor on the pie chart for "By Distance":

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Important update to items 1 through 3 in the first post above:

For OBD with a $50 OBDLink SX cable on a phone or tablet you need to first use the free "USB OTG Checker" app, to check that it's compatible.
A question, my telecommunications module has failed (according to the dealer, 1k to fix). resulting in no phone linking and odometer flashing. Where is the module for this located?, I found a parts car but don't know where this is, and if it is a plug and play unit.
I would not assume the dealer is correct. I would try a proxy alignment first. Instructions for that are item 6 here:

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