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i figured i asked Fiat-Chick a question so i should introduce myself.
i bought my car on 3/8/12 and drove it directly to Soler Motorsports/Turbo Clinic to install the V-Maxx coil overs.
since then i have installed the HID kit from 500 Madness and Stance Mindset wheels 16x8 with Falken 512 205/45/16
i would like to add a small spacer on the rear wheels and get the ride height a little lower, i don't really want to give up too much on the comfort though......
anyways onto the pictures, and i'd love to hang out with some of the locals some time.

the first picture is how the car sits now.
the second picture is how i want the car to sit
the third picture is something for Fiat Chick, i am hoping she can explain to me what she did to get her car lower.


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