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My Grigio Sport

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Mods: hood spear, graphics, door moldings, molding badges, gas cap, pedals, rubber mats and trunk cargo mat, lic. plate frames
Soon: magnaflow full cat part#15008, 35% tint, 17" wheels/tires, 500madness air filter
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Very Nice!! How long have you had it? How many miles?
you match your cat.
Get magnaflow on ebay. Is a few hundreds less than going thru Magnaflow.
What he said. Never go through the company that makes something for sales if you can. They will only sell at MSRP usually. That way they don't undercut distributors who sell their items for them.

Let those who distribute cut you the deals. It's almost always better.
thanks guys. I picked up the car about 3 weeks ago. does not even have 300 miles on it yet. I am getting the exhaust from a dealer not directly from magnaflow. Prob cost around $800 installed
Did the dealer install the molding and side graphic?
Yes, the dealer did it before I took delivery
The car looks great. Take a look at my garage, the 500 Sport we found had the Eibach springs already installed by the previous owner and it lowers it just a bit, tightens up the suspension and looks really nice. The 17" Sparco rims that he installed were not installed when we purchased the vehicle, I suspect he may have sold them or put them on another car. Tomorrow it gets the fuel filler door instaled. Again, nice car, enjoy.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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