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Hi everyone,

My name is Alex and im from Houston,TX.I used to be big into the car scene,even had a turbo s2000 that made it into a mag.Nowadays im all work,no play! I started my own small business which has taken off and im just plain busy now.

A couple of months ago a friend told me he was gonna start working for a new dealership.Somewhere in the convo he said Fiat and I was like really? Didn't know Fiat was making cars for the US.So I went home and searched this new Fiat 500 and WHOA! I really liked what i saw.I got to see some in person right away because I had to do some wheel work for a Fiat dealership.Unfortunately i've only done wheels in red for them.I was hoping they would want something crazy like neon yellow for a black or a white 500 but nope not yet.

Anyways im now looking to buy my own 500.Im still undecided on which one though.Im not in a huge rush to jump the gun just yet.Figured I would sign up already and start looking into the bits I would wanna do to it.

I found this pic online and im really digging the drop & BBS wheels.The pic appears photoshopped to me but I still like it.

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