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2013 Fiat 500 Abarth with some Madness Goodies
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New Jersey Speed Shop Review

I recently took my 2013 Abarth to Doni over at New Jersey Speed Shop. 85 Franklin Rd Suite 5B, Dover, NJ 07801

When I bought my Abarth I saw that the axle boots were hanging off and zip tied. I would grease them and use clamps but could never get it right. Also it shook under hard acceleration.
Automotive tire Bumper Automotive lighting Hood Automotive exterior

What we did.

-Full axle rebuild
-Motor, trans, torque arm mount's from Deyeme Racing Deyeme Racing : Online Shopping: Our Products
-Fixed peeling side skirts
-Neuspeed torsion bar
-Intercooler upgrade- had a NGEN intercooler without a Lower IC pipe so Doni made me one
-Fixed non functioning Fog Lights
-Vertical Chasis Braces
-Oil change, trans flush
-Multiair filter
Motor vehicle White Automotive tire Black Automotive design
Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Tire Grille
Motor vehicle Vehicle Hood Automotive tire Tire

Automotive tire Tire Light Camera accessory Purple

Pics of the shop below:

Automotive parking light Tire Vehicle Car Wheel
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire
Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle
Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

I dropped my Evo off for some repairs as well.


Doni knows these cars inside and out so there is no worry here. The mounts are a god send and the car tracts true and hooks up so much better.

Turns out 2 or my mounts were completely shot at only 39,000 miles and the last one on the way out. The car has mild vibration at idle but once under way it's smooth as silk, no shaking, and the car is so much better to drive.

Get engine mounts ASAP, change all three don't think just do it.
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