I thought I wanted 16" wheels on my Fiat 500 but decided to stay with my 15's in the end. These wheels and tires have less than 100 miles on them so I'm describing them as new although technically they are not. The tires are the seemingly impossible to find Michelin Pilot Sports in 195/45-16R size. The TPMS are all new and were installed when the tires were mounted and balanced. The wheels were purchased directly from Fiat and are part number 0472 6125 AC. Size is marked 6.5Jx16.

While I would prefer to have these picked up delivery is a possibility as is meeting somewhere in the middle. If that's not practical I will ship with you paying exactly what shipping charges are. I shipped a set of the same size wheels and tires about six months ago for close to $150 with careful packing.

These wheels will be listed on other sites as well as here. The price will be the same so you don't need to look for them.

Images will be loaded in order with the first batch the right front and then going clockwise around the car. If you would like more images, please send me your email. Listings are limited to 10 images.