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Been away from the forums for a while, but this has been on my mind lately, because I love the heck out of my little car.

I've been wondering about the sales figures. I know they are low, but why are we afraid of that? If BMW can support the Mini even though they sell low numbers, and if they still sell Smart cars here, why should we be afraid of a slow start?

I mean, the heck with it. Fiat/Chrysler are making changes to their advertising (slowly), and eventually we'll have more cars on the road. I have no idea how much money was spent to bring the 500 here, but I figure it probably wasn't cheap to retool that factory in Mexico to make these things. I can't imagine they will give up on this any time soon. And I don't buy that crap about Americans not liking small cars. If that were true they never would have brought the Mini here. I think there are a smaller number of us that are just fine with small cars.

Sorry for bringing up this subject again, but does anyone here think I'm wrong about this? I'm saying this out of concern because, again, I just love my 500. It was a dream come true for me, since I was born in Italy and have been there several times. I never thought I would get to own one of these little critters, which have a sentimental value for me.
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