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Hi everyone!

I'm brand new to Fiat and I'm so excited to find a place online with some experts!

Yesterday I picked up my new car, a 2012 Prima Edizione 500 (#452). Because my son absolutely loves the movie Cars, we're naming him Luigi.

I actually didn't set out to buy a Fiat -- I was driving a Jeep Liberty diesel which I expected to be in for several more years -- right up until the engine blew the day after the Super Bowl. When I got the bad news about my Jeep, I just happened to notice this little Fiat sitting at my Jeep dealership....with all of 2200 miles on him.

The idea of a little car that would be easy to park in NYC and great on gas AND with some cool looks really appealed to me. And it didn't hurt that I absolutely loved the Abarth commercial during the Super Bowl (in fact I tweeted right after seeing the commercial that a Fiat would be my next car. Little did I know!).

So after a few weeks of wrangling, he's all mine.

Pictures will be coming soon!


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