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Been trying to find out what I can do to find new wheels for my Fiat 500e, but cannot seem to find any good collection of all that is needed, it seems scattered all over the place!

Have tried to collect what I have found here for mine and others benefit.

Let me put down what I have found on the size/bolts:
15x5.5 (front)
15x6.5 (back)
Bolt pattern: 4-98
Hub-bore 58.10
Offset 35mm
Bolt M12 x 1.25mm (metric fine)

Problem everyone seem to have is that the bolt pattern is very unusual for this car (4-98), whereas the there is one very close to that people seem to use (4-100). TireRack for example have some wheel-kits that come up as 4-98, but is actually 4-100 wheels delivered with floating seat bolts and hub center rings for the wheel in question to fit the car. They do however not seem to want to sell the parts separately!

Different companies also have different policies, but found a thread where a Discount-Tire person states that they will service cars with floating seat bolts, if certain requirements are fulfilled.
These are: As long as there are at least 7 full turns of thread engagement and the tire and wheel combination meets certain criteria (load, tire to rim width, etc), we (Discount Tire) can service vehicles utilizing wobble bolts. This does not vary by location or region and is actually a new practice we adopted in 2017.

So, now to the questions I have! Was looking at adding the König Helium to my fiat 500e, and would like Discount tire to do the work, and as much of the ordering as possible!

I would need a set of floating seat bolts M12 x 1.25mm, but where can I get some fulfilling the requirements?
Found these on eBay, but how does one know if they fit the requirements, and are of good quality?

Then I would also need a set of hub centering rings, the hub-bore is 58.1 OEM, and the wheel has 73.1, so it should be possible, but where can I find something fitting the requirements, and the wheel/car? Would these work?

Any hints from people already done this or something similar?

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I went down this rabbit hole a bit when I was looking to get snow tires for my car. Turns out that it's cheap enough to buy steelies with the right bolt pattern, and the car will work just fine with the regular pop wheels on the back for use with snow tires, but that doesn't help you if you want nicer wheels from stock.

I'd probably just opt to buy everything from Tire Rack and either mount them myself (you can buy a trolley jack, torque wrench and tire chock inexpensively from Harbor Freight), or if you really prefer, bring it by discount tire to mount.
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