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As an attachment
1. Click on "Go Advanced" or "Post Reply"
2. Click on the paperclip on the top row of the message box icons, just to the right of the smilie face... a new window will pop up.
3. Click "Browse" and then find the picture file you would like to upload.
4. Click on the file and click "Open".
5. Click on "Upload".
6. Click on the arrow next to the paperclip icon and select the attachment you want to put in your post.
7. Click "Submit Reply" below the post icons

As an inserted image from a webpage
1. same as above
2. Click on the "insert image" icon on the bottom row of the message box icons (looks like two mountians on yellow background just below the "undo" arrow
3. type or copy/paste the URL of the web image you would like to attach
4. click "OK" and the image will be placed in the post where the cursor was at that time.
5. Click on "Submit Reply"
1 - 4 of 4 Posts