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Seriously, let's take a minute to wonder where we would be without the Internet. The entertainment factor is clearly high, but being able to spy projects from around the world such as this is simply priceless. We thought we had seen it all with the Fiat Limousine we had posted, but this Polish project takes the cake. As Fiat's Facebook page states, this Fiat 500 is ready to go anywhere…and everywhere.

With a quick use of the Google Translate machine (again, thank the Internet for its remarkable technology) we were able to gather some bits and pieces from the original source on just what went down. It looks as if the owner of the Fiat Rally Team Camp wanted to create, rather than buy, a truly remarkable and original Fiat 500 4×4. The owner teamed up with EXTREM 4×4 to make the dream a reality.

The project began with gathering components that would work, with some driveline and suspension components coming from a Porsche Cayenne with Eibach springs. Under the hood powering this project is VW's 1.9 TDI engine that pushes out 250-hp on diesel. Wheels chosen were also from VW, 17×7 Touareg wheels.

From there it was a ton of custom fabrication work that looks very well executed and when it was all said and done they breathed a sigh of relief after the first test drive. Even the project owners admit that the idea was risky and could have ended in a fiasco. But hey, what custom car project doesn't teeter on the brink of disaster?

More: Polish Fiat 500 Owner Turns City Car into 4×4 on
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