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The stock horn wasn't bad, but I wanted something a bit better. Coming from the modded Subaru world I instinctively remembered the Hella Supertones (118 dB @ 2 meters). Replacing the stock horn isn't super hard, but I found it easiest to remove the front bumper. Some people can do it by removing the wheel liner, but with the tire there I found it a pain. Front bumper removal is quite easy on this car, probably because its smaller than past cars I've done this with. The whole process took me roughly 2 hours and you can do it solo, but a helper would come in handy in a few places.

Horn Test:
Alarm Beep:

Horn Kit:
Wiring Kit:
You don't need a wiring kit, you can make a wiring kit since it's pretty simple. My horns came with a relay, so all you'd need is connectors, wire, and a 30 amp fuse to DIY.

Safety Tip: Remove the fuse from your wiring kit and fuse F10 (in the engine bay) to help protect yourself and your car. Also, be careful when testing the horn, its loud! I wouldn't test them in a garage.

I have created an imgur album with photos I took. It should be enough to help get someone started on something similar. There is additional information included with each picture.

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you follow this partial guide and break something. I'm just another automotive enthusiast.
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