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Just wanted to share this email with people. This is the kind of thing that recharges our batteries and I am very rpoud of my staff for how they try to take care of every customer. It does not always go so good but we always try to have it be so. Thanks to my Team at RRM. You are making a difference!


I promised myself that I would not call you folks any more (this week)!
I appreciate you connecting me with a mechanic yesterday concerning
removing the stock axle-back from those pesky rubber hangers. I wish I
could remember his name (let me know if you can) but he gave me some
excellent advice and within a half hour using a big stick and WD-40 I
got them disconnected. He was also correct; they were a lot easier to
put back on! I have now finished installing my "California mods"!

I must say the car is totally different and I love it even more; it is
totally fun to drive now! The Corsa intake adds more power but it also
makes shifting MUCH sweeter and smoother. The sound with just the intake
installed is not overly loud, as you promised, and has a nice throaty
growl when accelerating or decelerating. The Corsa exhaust system, on
the other hand, is louder than I expected and that is a good thing.
After I finished the install I took a shower to wash all the driveway
grit out of my hair, rolled down the window, and hopped in to give it a
test drive. It was 75 degrees here yesterday and this is March? WOW!
The exhaust sound is fantastic and was much lower and booming than I
expected. Around here we have a lot of small cars with special exhausts
that make them sound like a hive of angry bees: high and tinny and
obnoxious. I am happy to say yours does not sound like that; it
definitely has a cool European sports car sound.

Road /// Race, I am very happy with my purchases; you have made me a
happy camper. I took the car by my dealer and they were blown away,
especially the woman who manages the "studio". She took it for a drive
and said everyone in the dealership wanted to know what she was driving
and then said they had never heard a Fiat sound like that. In my
opinion your mods look and sound better than the Mopar mods now that I
have seen and driven cars with both. Give my kudos to your designers and
engineers, they came up with some real good stuff. You guys rock!


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