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I have recently gotten a service the charging system on my dash. I can't charge. My EVSE Recognizes the car being plugged in but the car won't let the EVSE turn on the juice. I had recently noticed that the J1772 plug was getting hot sometimes and eventually got that burnt electrical smell. One pin burnt on that as well as the inlet plug on the car. To remedy the situation I installed an aftermarket inlet and spliced it into the existing cable which I found if you were to replace with an OEM would be the entire length of the vehicle. I opted to splice one in instead. The one I spliced in is rated for 70 amps. I noticed that the original is pretty cheap and has no insulation on the back side of the plug like most have. So anyway, I matched all the wires to the existing plug and when I plugged in my EVSE saw I was plugged in but the car would not charge and threw up another service the charging system. Im at my wits end and I have tried a different EVSE in town. That is where we noticed that the charger was no longer charging the vehicle. Mine does not work nor does the one in town so it leads me to either the charger itself or the cable end that plugs into the charger. I like my new aftermarket inlet socket so that must stay. Any solutions I'll take any. I'd even try out another charger if needed. Could be the plug on the far end is toasted too. Could be the whole charger on board is toasted. I don't want to take it to the dealer.

Pete :)
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