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Hi everyone,
I recently joined because I'm looking to buy a used Fiat 500e through California's Replace your Ride program. Before I get into the details of my search I want to give some more background about myself that is relevant to what I'm looking for in an EV.

I'm currently low income and disabled, leave the house very little and drive an average of 20 miles per week on a "busy" week lol. Most of my driving is within a 10 mile radius, to and from doctors appointments or local flea markets with the occasional 40 minute round trip appointment. I don't drive much but can't afford to get stranded due to my health.

I recently came across a 2013 Fiat 500e with 62,000 miles. Carfax looks good, 2 previous owners and no major issues. The price is right at about $8,000 and cosmetically everything looks good in the pictures. I did test drive a 2017 recently and loved it, it's perfect for what I need it for, but I'd have to wait several months through the RYR program and still pay the difference after the rebate. It's difficult to justify paying more than a few thousand when I don't drive much. I don't need anything state-of-the-art but I have to salvage my current car due to a failed smog. I feel like the 2013 model would be more cost effective and I wouldn't have to wait months to get approved for the RYR program because I wouldn't need those funds.

I've read Fiat batteries can last a while. Obviously a 2013 isn't under warranty so this could be a risk. I'm not too familiar with these cars but from what I've read on here the batteries seem to hold up well. Does anyone here still have a 2013? Is it still doing well? Does anybody have any advice for me regarding my purchase of a Fiat 500e?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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