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Fiat gathering at Cars and Coffee in Irvine on April 23rd.
All, some 850 owners are planning to attend Irvine Cars and Coffee, Saturday April 23rd. Below is Scott's original message with links.

Let's get some of our local 124/2000 Spiders to come out with them. For those of you local in Orange County, this is a great chance for us to meet! And even if you're in the IE or LA or San Diego, come on down!

I am planning to be there. Also, Mark is going to post to the X-Web forum and invite the X owners as well.


Postby sjrutherford on Wed Mar 30, 2011 1:25 pm
For anyone interested, there are a few Fiat 850 owners (from the Yahoo Fiat 850 group/list) planning to attend the Irvine "cars and coffee" meet on Saturday April 23rd. The more the merrier...
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