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I have just bought a 2008 Fiat 500 1.3 Diesel over the weekend, having taken it out for the first time today it started smoking (White) quite badly on acceleration only to stop when i took my foot of the gas.
I was about 5 miles from home when the oil light came on with a message to change the oil, at this point i thought i better turn back, i drove cautiously freewheeling where possible expecting the engine to seize at any time but managed to get home.

Having let the engine cool i checked the dipstick to find there was some oil still in there but found it hard to decide where the level was as there was no definite line and was smeared above the max indicator, i put in a couple of litres still to find no line but left it at that as I did not want to over fill.

I tried to reset the oil light with 3 presses of the accelerator to no avail, I went out in it again, this time no smoke.

Why on earth would it smoke so badly the stop for the next journey.

Am not sure what to do with it now, do i throw good money at it not knowing if it will be reliable, i feel it unfair to off load onto someone else, unless i come clean and take a bit hit on it, do i break it to try and recover my cash?

I am at my wits end, any advice would be appreciated.
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