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So I was driving along tonight minding my own business when a minivan almost merges right into me! Fortunately I was able to avoid it by slamming on the brakes. Then the next thing any sane driver would do would be to blare the horn at them (sorry midwesterners, I'm in PA this is how we drive) When I looked down the steering wheel center airbag cover had slid up and the chrome ring around it (plastic obviously) had bent!

I've seen the issue of the cover coming off over at another fiat500 forum:
But that guy's just fell off.
Do you think that's a reasonable warranty claim? I technically did damage it, but I didn't hit the horn that hard seems like a defect to me.

I took a pic, but since its nighttime, you can't really tell. Will take pics tomorrow.

Has this happened to anyone and does everyone think this should be covered?
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