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Hi All

Thanks for you patients if you read this to the end!....chances are a forum somewhere has covered this, I've not discovered it yet hence the post.

After much deliberation I made the decision to trade in my R-Line Tiguan for a 2017 Competizione, although the car pretty much had what I was looking for and for the money I was willing to spend etc, one thing I did notice it comes with the 5" standard radio (n).
Wanting to keep this kinda standard yet improve the sound system, I was thinking off swapping out the head unit for the standard 7" Sat Nav model and wanted to know would it be a like for like swap? Reason being I would like to retain the use of the steering wheel controls.
Also the Nav system, will I need to run an Ariel for this to work or are they all pre wired?

After reading some reviews and being a like for like swap, speaker wise I was thinking of installing some
Hertz Millie Pro MPK 165.3 16.5cm 2Way components for the front
Hertz MPX 165.3 Pro Co Axial in Rear
Not really interested in a SUB due to the lack of boot space, also thinking of upgrading the USB as I believe the standard one is no good.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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