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Tesla Tap charging adapter.

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I bought a Tesla charging adapter, and can confirm that it works with my car (tested at OMSI with the destination charger there)
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This is not compatible with superchargers, only the destination (or home) chargers. The advantage of it is that a lot of hotels have telsa chargers you can reserve, but no j1772 chargers. Additionally, around where I live in the Portland area there are a lot more free Tesla stations than there are j1772 stations.
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Try it on a Tesla Super Charger~! I want to see what happens. Does it charge faster?
It's not compatible with superchargers. Even if I plugged it in it would not get past the authentication step and could damage my car.
There are still free chargers around, but you have to go at the right times. I'm just saying there's no point to get the Tesla adapter as the possibility of finding one open is even lower than finding the normal free chargers. Even at the normal free chargers all you see are Teslas and their adapters.
Maybe for you, but for me it is useful. There are a lot of tesla chargers in portland. It also gives me the option of going on road trips to hotels where I can charge at the local hotel in situations where they only have a tesla charger.
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Unless you get the DC upgrade kit.

It should be available by now, but I haven't seen confirmation yet.

That still won't work at SuperChargers, only at CHAdeMO chargers (Leaf)
I have been following that guy who dropped his 500e off at qc power but he hasn't updated in like a month...
It would be nice if they have so much trouble trying to get CHAdeMO to work that they just go with SAE CCS
From what I understand, CCS is a lot more complicated, and expensive to implement.
Though it also seems to have the capability to be a better standard as far as battery longevity is concerned.
From what I have seen, the communication between the car and the charger is higher throughout with ccs than with chademo, so it is able to determine when would be the better time to start backing off on speed.
I'll link in an article when I get off work if I can remember to.
I have had a couple odd hiccups here and there. Though I have found that if the fiat is unhappy with the charger or vice versa, having them connected and resetting the Tesla charger with the button on the side usually works.
That site looks pretty sketchy.
There are a lot of companies like that that put up scam sites with things for sale at around 1/2 normal price.
They make lots of the sites and as long as at least one person buys something they are making some money.

As for where the real adapters are made, some are made here in USA but some are made elsewhere. I think mine said it was made in Vietnam.

There are a couple companies making different adapters, but they're all functionality the same. It's just a pass thru.
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Hi, I own a Tesla and will be adding a 500e to the stable, so the Teslatap seems like a great option for me.
I found and ordered one for $94 through this website: TeslaTap - 80 AMP Tesla to J-1772 Adapter [JF4N713] - $94.00 :
But now that I'm seeing everybody got it at around $200 I'm thinking maybe I've been scammed?
I would definitely file a claim with PayPal if it does not show up within the delivery window they defined. Be aware too that you only have a short time (a month I think) to dispute stuff like that on PayPal.
if it actually shows up then i would test it with a multimeter. If that checks out then sure.
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