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Tesla Tap charging adapter.

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I bought a Tesla charging adapter, and can confirm that it works with my car (tested at OMSI with the destination charger there)
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Is there a point that thing is it like free charging? I would imagine as many teslas is there is very few will be actually available really as a matter of fact around here tesla always hordes the public chargers instead of going to their superchargers. Which is exactly I still haven’t been to one every time I felt like trying they are all taken up by a Tesla or a bolt
This is not compatible with superchargers, only the destination (or home) chargers. The advantage of it is that a lot of hotels have telsa chargers you can reserve, but no j1772 chargers. Additionally, around where I live in the Portland area there are a lot more free Tesla stations than there are j1772 stations.
I was under the impression that Tesla chargers can only be charging a Tesla like a need some kind of authentication of some kind. are destination chargers different in some way where any car can pretty much charge on it as long as the ports the same?
Tesla Destination chargers are a standard J1772 style charger with a Tesla plug. The communications and power are exactly the same as a J1772. So the Jdapter/Tesla Tap simply reroutes the wiring.

Destination chargers have no authentication like SuperChargers. So anyone can plug in, Tesla or not. The adapters are a bit pricey. But if you use them on the regular, it may be worth the investment.

Note that every Tesla comes with an adapter in the opposite direction so they can use J1772 EVSEs.

My problem is most of those guys don't know the etiquette, do you have any idea how how long level 2 takes to charge a battery as large as theirs it s*cks. They leave that parked all day. ?
Nice to have, but here in Socal I see very little need for it.
California has the highest population of Tesla, fat chance to even find a open charger in reality let alone a Tesla charger.
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There are still free chargers around, but you have to go at the right times. I'm just saying there's no point to get the Tesla adapter as the possibility of finding one open is even lower than finding the normal free chargers. Even at the normal free chargers all you see are Teslas and their adapters.
That’s exactly what I’m saying. Notorious in OC especially. Not to many Tesla where I live but the free chargers around me are always occupied by leafs and Prius primes.
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