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......aka "The Prancing Mouse" :D

I just ran across this today. VERY cool and really, I had no idea......:p

Type – Ducati 999R. L-Twin, 8 valve Testastretta Desmodromic; liquid cooled;
Displacement – 999cc;
Bore & stroke – 104 x 58.8mm;
Compression ratio – 12.5:1;
Power – 110kw – 150hp @ 9750rpm (200hp WSB spec. available);
Torque – 11.9kgm @ 8000rpm;
Fuel injection – Marelli electronic fuel injection, 54mm throttle body;
Exhaust – Single carbon muffler with catalytic converter;
Emissions – Euro 2;
Lubricants – Shell Advance
0-60mph – Sub 4 sec (estimate);
Top speed – 120mph (limited);
Power to weight – 428bhp / tonne standard. (up to 600bhp / tonne available);
Weight distribution (%) – 53R : 47F
Exterior – Carbonfibre panels suspended on chassis tub; Ferrari Rosso Corse red paintwork;
Interior – Painted & natural carbon dash, crema leather door-cards
Chassis tub – Folded & bonded carbon skins over 1â€� aluminium honeycomb – composite monocoque, aluminium hard points;
Roll-over structure – Full FIA specification cage in chromoly tube;
Crumple zone – Front mounted composite energy absorption structure

Pedalbox – Bespoke billet CNC machined aluminium pedalbox;
Gear change – Sequential H-pattern – chrome gearlever gate;
Dash – Re-trimmed Ducati clocks;
Steering wheel – Fiat 500 mounted onto quick release boss & collapsible column;
Seat – Carbonfibre seats trimmed in crema leather;
Harness – Six point Sabelt racing harness
Wheels – 13â€� split rims in aluminium or magnesium with centre lock mounting;
Hubs & uprights – Bespoke billet CNC machined in aerospace grade aluminium;
Brakes – Brembo four pot alloy callipers on Brembo Composite Ceramic discs;
Steering rack – Motorsport aluminium quick rack – 1¼ turn
Wishbone – Independent aero-section asymmetric double wishbones;
Springs / dampers – Push rod activated, inboard Nitron three way adjustable spring dampers;
Setup – Fully adjustable corner-weights, camber, castor, toe & ride height;
Bearings – Aerospace grade spherical and rod end bearings
Gearbox – Six speed sequential;
Ratios – 1st 37/15, 2nd 30/17, 3rd 28/20, 4th 26/22, 5th 24/23, 6th 23/24;
Primary drive – Straight cut gears; ratio 1.84;
Final drive – quaife differential with integral reverse gear;
Clutch – Dry multiplate with hydraulic control;
Gearchange – Chrome H-pattern gate, twin cable operated;
Driveshafts – Splined with lightweight motorsport tripoid joints

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interesting. I wonder why they picked that conifguration (other than it being Italian)

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interesting. I wonder why they picked that conifguration (other than it being Italian)
I think that's's all Italian, which is also cool. :cool:

of course now, they could have dropped a 6.1L SRT HEMI in one. the straight-line acceleration and speed would be awesome but the handling in the first turn would make you change your underwear. :p
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