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This morning on my way to work, an error message popped up on my dash "position mus"
I have tried to google it but nothing remotely similar comes up. Does anyone know what could have caused this? I sometimes get other another error message "abs error" but according to the dealerships there is nothing wrong with the abs system. This car has given me nothing but problems since day 1 and unfortunately the Fiat dealerships in South Africa are absolutely useless and unhelpful.

I have had to change brakes on my car 8 times and my car has only done 120 000km. The brakes only wear down on the front right hand brake pad. The left brake pad barely had any wear on it. Fiat SA does not know what causes it and they refuse to do anything about it. The airbag on the passenger side has pushed the dash up and caused a bubble on the dash that has cracked, again Fiat SA said they would not do anything about it because apparently it is normal wear and tear.

Vehicle History
I have changed the clutch as well as the redone the gearbox on this car. I have also had to skim the head on the engine last year because it was overheating terribly. After the head was skimmed there was an issue getting the timing right on the car but we eventually managed to get it sorted.

I am very worried about this position error now because I have no clue what it could be. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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