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Upgraded stereo with backup camera and subwoofer

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I just got my car last Sunday and loved everything about it except the radio system. It’s a 2013 500 turbo, it had the stock unit and had no base. I installed a Boss BE9ACP-C head unit and a 10” 100 W bazooka tube. The head unit came with a backup camera that I installed as well. The head unit has 2 USB connections that run out the back and are about 2’ long. I was able to buy a 2 usb extension that fit in the slot the cigarette lighter was in. I also ran the sub controls up to the front as well, the sub can get a bit loud for such a small car. I also wired the backup camera so it comes on when I put the car in reverse. I was a little tricky with it being a manual transmission. Very pleased with it so far and will be replacing the stock speakers and adding an amp soon.


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