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Hi, I wonder if anybody could help
I have a 61 reg Fiat 500 around 40,000 mileage, when driving for around 15 minutes (OVER 50/60mph) this loud high pitched screeching noise starts and doesn't go away until the car has stopped.
When the steering wheel is VERY slightly bearing left the noise is louder, sometimes it briefly stops when the steering wheel is say 5 degrees to the right.

No problem when making full turns out of junctions etc, noise mainly on fast roads.

Mechanic has bent the heat shields, still makes the noise. He now is suggesting removing the heat shields completely but i'm convinced that the heat shield isn't the issue here as it didn't go away the first time he bent them. He also has cleaned the brakes and it hasn't made any difference. Ive attached a video I would appreciate any help at all as I feel I am getting no where with it since its been a ongoing problem for a month or more now :cry:

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