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Hi guys! I'm new here, As soon as a saw the first new 500 Abarths I had to have one, its the closest thing I will ever get to a ferrari!.

You May be able to tell why I like the 500 abarth, I like light short wheelbase cars. Here is my old festiva gl with a Mazda B6 1.6 - automatic swap,

I then went on to a 850850 turbo and then to the Neon SRT-4 ACR that I currently own.

While I love the SRT-4 ACR, its obnoxious in a good way,has a old muscle car feel and even has enough power for me stock!, It has a turning radius of a mack truck. I would like something that handles a bit better. Kind of a weird pattern of SRT-4 guys around these parts it seems? I think I have seen atleast 3 srt owners here.

With its weight advantage, it should not take too much to get an abarth to the same power level as the srt-4.

The ACR is at 62k miles with 1 year left to pay it off. Just in time for the Abarth. Im hoping Im not dreaming that the abarth will come in at under $24k

What is everyone else going to be come into the 500 from ?
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