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2019 Fiat 500 Turbo
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Hello 500 Lovers,

I am new to the forum and I have a 2019 Fiat 500 Turbo. I am also new to touching this vehicle. First Fiat I have ever owned. I just recently had this problem for 2-3 weeks or so. My current mods(Engine Wise) I have is a custom Fender well CAI as well as a catless(500 Madness De Cat) straight pipe. This is going to be long so please be patient.

First off, since I have a 2019 which is also the same as I believe 2015+. We have a airbox sensor which would require a retrofit kit to fit other intakes for our vehicles. So since I have built my own Fender well Intake I have also decided to go ahead and purchase an Oil catch can to go ahead and remove the ugly factory air box.

Secondly, I went ahead and installed my Oil Catch can based off two videos I have found on youtube. And also other Heavily Modified 500s did it this method as well. Where they have installed it from the PCV(inlet) to the Intake Manifold(Outlet). Which in my case is wrong because I was blowing massive amount of white Smoke on start up, acceleration at a stop light, and Decel. It was like dumping oil. But when I checked the oil level it was fine. This method; The OCC will be filled up within a week or so. (Reason being is because this method require you to drill the check valve so it becomes a "Pass through instead of a one way check valve". Doing this way is some what correct if you have an expensive OCC that's able to be pressurized). So I have went ahead and rerouted the OCC to the other method (Safer) which all you know is the Euro Compulsion method AOS(Inlet) to Intake(Outlet). I have also replaced the Check Valve that I have drilled(Some people just move the check valve to the outlet of the OCC).

The problem I am having now is that now I only smoke a little but still somewhat visible from the driver seat on decel after a lite pull, and smoke a bit more not but a lot on decel after a hard pull. Yes, my vehicle has stopped smoking on start up and after waiting at a stop light. Basically, on normal driving car doesn't smoke at all not even on decel. Only after a light to hard pull.

My question is... Is there still something wrong? Or is it just burning the left over oil left in there from the first method?

P.S. I have been driving on the AOS to Intake method for almost a full tank now. And still a little smokey on decel. And for those of you are scratching your heads. Yes, the little poof of white smoke is coming out of the exhaust not the engine bay.

(Mileage: 7,500)

Thank You In Advance!
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