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2013 Pop, manual, Abarth springs, kyb gas a just rear, zonker short shot air filter, Sprint booster
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And do you think there's going to be any trial and error getting to the 300 or do you know what exactly it needs to be done? And just wondering how much your parts going to be won't you be using new parts?

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Clean 500, work with Boris team. At 500 madness, for the performance equipment you need. This is there company car. It’s deck out with all kind of goodies. You can go for stage 1 to 3 performance enhancements. There are a couple YouTube video’s on the work they have done, customer cars. Carbon fiber mods, engine performance, and wheels and tires, suspension work.
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1049 miles on the odometer now. Been very busy with work... Collected a few parts but have yet to jump in let alone drive it.
I'm envious of your car. Love the paint color. Jealous of those wheels too. I'm looking for the same ones for my 2012 Sport.
Enjoy the car, and please keep us in the loop.

If you're interested, you can see mine in my showcase.

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1072 miles on the odometer now. Was looking at Bring a Trailer website and last month a 2019 Abarth 500 with 2600 miles sold for $31,500!! Not too bad. I've been collecting bits and pieces here and there.... I've got the charcoal gray front and rear emblems with trim, mirror caps and door handles from a seller in Europe as well as 695 70th Anniversary badging AND the Abarth adjustable spoiler.... which is to arrive from Slovakia around July 28th. Then it will go to the body shop for the spoiler install. Since it's a 2019... My goal is to make it a 70th Anniversary "tribute" car. Most of the small bits I have sourced already but still need a few more bits. Unfortunately Fiat/Abarth never offered the rear exterior hatch handle in anything but chrome of satin finished chrome. All of the offerings (covers :() are uneventful carbon fiber and so on.... Let alone none are for cars like mine that have the back-up camera integrated into the handle. I'm leaning towards perhaps having it refinished to match the body color. So far since last July I have done the following mods.

CAE Ultra Shifter in black
Alfa 4C coil packs
Sprint air filter
OEM "Abarth" Door sills
OEM Abarth charcoal door handles
OEM Abarth charcoal front and rear badging with trim
OEM Abarth charcoal mirror caps
OEM Abarth 695 70th Anniversary badging
OEM Abarth 695 70th Anniversary adjustable spoiler
OEM Abarth series 4 Euro taillights with matching body color inserts
OEM Fiat/Abarth Black headlights and DRL/Turn indicators
CravenSpeed Rear wiper delete
CravenSpeed Stubby antenna
CravenSpeed Throttle body spacer
ATP Turbo thermal blanket
ATP Downpipe thermal blanket
DNA Racing 3 degree rear camber plates
Neuspeed 28mm rear torsion bar
Neuspeed Neu-F dual outlet race exhaust with mid-pipe
Schrader rear seat delete
RacerFlash rear chassis brace
Helix smoked side markers/indicators
Helix smoked wheel well arch markers
OEM Fiat Italian flag side badges

Yet to be ordered:

Evo Corse "Monte Carlo" 17x8 wheels in white (a little nod to the Lancia Delta Integrale)
More chassis bracing
Suspension.... The Ohlins offering is promising
THE Sabelt seats we don't have here in the US
Brakes.... Perhaps the OEM Abarth Brembo offering
OEM 70th Anniversary Carbon fiber steering wheel with trim

Not sure if I'll tune this engine, Currently looking for a low mileage 1.4 MultiAir with gearbox to build out over the winter.

I'll post up some pics when I get a chance.

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Man.. This site has like NO TRAFFIC. So much for the "Fiat Abarth" community here.
Consider this, Abarth owners/drivers swim against the SUV ownership tide every time they get behind their FIAT’s wheel. We few choose DRIVING over SUV passivity. Let’s face it car manufacturers are eliminating performance cars in favor of SUVs (formerly called station wagons) where the only redeeming quality is they are whale sized hatchbacks. We prefer driving to blogging.....

We few have chosen to drive Abarth’s, nimble, loud, inexpensive, entertaining machines that make driving fun.
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